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Land Resource Managment

The Zoning Office is responsible for the general administration and enforcement of the Randolph County Zoning Ordinance, the Randolph County Floodplain Ordinance and the Randolph County Subdivision Ordinance. The Zoning Office issues building permits and initial certificates of zoning compliance applications for any structure built or placed in the unicorporated areas of the county and any municipality which does not carry its own zoning ordinance. We also accept all applications which will go before the Zoning Board of Appeals monthly meeting.

Deeds need to be approved by this department before being filed in the Clerk's office. Straight transfers will be stamped and returned immediately. A parcel split will need to be checked to insure it closes and complies with ordinance #07-16. It will be stamped accordingly. The $25 fee will be collected in this office. To help expedite the process, deeds can be preapproved. They can be delivered or emailed to our office or faxed to the Clerk (618) 826-3750. Then, at the time of filing, the prepared deed can be brought to our office to be stamped and the fee collected at that time. Copies of ordinance #07-16 can be obtained in this office or from the County Clerk.

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for payroll and accounts payable for the county as well as employee benefits such as health insurance, IMRF retirement and investment programs. This office is also designated as administrative assistants to the Randolph County Board.

Department of Economic Development

Under the direction of the Randolph County Progress Committee, the Department of Economic Development works to attract new businesses, retain and expand existing businesses, start new small businesses, and to promote tourism in Randolph County.


The Randolph County Sheriff's Department is 911 answering point #1. The Sparta Police Department is answering point #2. Medstar Ambulance is the medical transfer for 911 calls. Each answering point has 2 call taking positions. . The 911 Office escalates trouble reporting issues on 911 equipment. ..Coordinates T.C. training dates ...state regulated 911 testing ....coordinates 911 equipment upgrades Randolph County E-911 has been operational since October 4, 1994.

Randolph County Emergency Management Agency

The EMA office is responsible for managing resources and acquiring assets during and after a disaster. The EMA office also provides disaster preparation training.

Health Department

The mission of the Randolph County Health Department is to provide public health services for the prevention of disease, promotion of health and improvement of the quality of life for Randolph County citizens.

Board of Review

The Board of Review is the final local authority with the power to ensure a uniform and equitable local property assessment. Once an assessment is completed, the township assessor no longer has jurisdiction over the assessment for that particular year. The Township Assessor returns the assessment books to the Supervisor of Assessments, who is empowered to make necessary revisions before the assessment changes are published. Once the assessments are published, the books are certified to the Board of Review. If the Township Assessor identifies the need for an assessment correction after the assessment books are certified to the Board of Review, the assessor may recommend an assessment revision by submitting a timely petition to the Board of Review.


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